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Our ratchet strap range is extensive. Most ratchets are in stock for an ever growing customer base. Ratchet straps come in various sizes and loading capacities depending on what cargo you wish to strap. Our ratchets range from 850kg to 10000kg. Our biggest seller is the 5000kg ratchets. With various ends dependant on your locking points, they come with a d ring or hook. Ratchet straps have various uses such as strapping construction materials however transporting of goods is the most common use. 
Ratchet Straps have a life expectancy of around 3 years. This very much dependant on applications. They can last longer, however with the strain and friction of strapping most cargo, this is the life expectancy. 
Our ratchets are most popular in the Transport sectors, agricultural sector and construction. A multi use product for the domestic and commercial industry.
All ratchets are made with 100 percent durable polyester. This keeps the ratchet extremely robust, tough, lightweight and flexible, With the ease of use on the product to strap down and release all on one handle. Extremely easy maintenance
With lengths up to 20 meters we have most uses covered. Our experts can guide you through any information or special requirements on the products. 

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